Pursuant to our commitment to promote transparency in our operations, particularly in how we collect, use, and store information, we have updated and posted our Data Privacy Policy.

Kindly take a few minutes to browse through our Data Privacy Policy. For queries related thereto, kindly send an email addressed to “The Data Privacy Officer” through or


Toyota Marilao Bulacan Inc. (“Toyota Marilao”) is an automotive dealer engaged in sales and service of vehicles with a principal place of business at Lot 1505 McArthur Highway Abangan Sur, Marilao, Bulacan.

Toyota Marilao has established its own Data Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”)  with the view to protect the personal information of customers, business partners, applicants, and other interested persons, based on its social responsibility to be fully compliant with data privacy and protection laws in the Philippines.


This Privacy Policy explains how we appropriately handle, utilize, or otherwise process any and all information collected from and/or provided to us by our customers, business partners, applicants, and other interested persons.

We respect each person’s right to privacy and strive to comply with the provisions of the Data Privacy Act of 2012 (“DPA”) and all relevant privacy and data protection laws in the Philippines.

In this Privacy Policy, the terms, “data” and “information” are used interchangeably. When we speak of “personal data” or “personal information”, either term includes the concepts of Personal Information (or any information recorded in a material form or not, from which the identity of an individual is apparent or can be reasonably and directly ascertained by the entity holding the information, or when put together with other information would directly and certainly identify and individual), Sensitive Personal (which refers to Personal Information), and Privileged Information (which refers to any and all forms of data which under the Rules of Court and other pertinent laws constitute privileged communication) as defined under the DPA.


Toyota Marilao collects personal information from customers, business partners, applicants, and other interested persons whenever they visit our dealership, website and online pages, submit documents to us in person or electronically, or otherwise communicate with us regarding our products and services through other means. We also collect data from them when they fill up an online survey questionnaire, complete our online forms, set service appointments, and inquire and/or provide us feedback about our products and services.

We and our third-party service providers, including our marketing partners and analytics providers, may also use cookies, web beacons, tags, scripts, and similar technology (“Cookies”). Cookies are small data files that are placed on your computer or mobile device to, among other things, administer the website, track and analyze trends in your use of our websites, remember your preferences when you return to the website, and gather information about our users as a whole. The information we store in the Cookies we place may include your email address in addition to non-Personal Information. We may receive reports from third-party service providers based on their use of Cookies about our users on an individual or aggregated basis.

You are free to decline the Cookies we place if your browser permits, but doing so may interfere with your use of the Service. The use of Cookies by our third-party service providers is not covered by this Privacy Policy. You are free to decline these cookies if your browser permits. We do not have access or control over these Cookies. In addition, some of our third-party advertising vendors or partners show our ads on sites across the Internet. These vendors or partners may use cookies to gather information about your activities on our website and other websites in order to serve your advertising based on your browsing activities.

As is true of most websites, we gather certain information automatically and store it in log files. This information may include your internet protocol (IP) address, browser type, internet service provider (ISP), referring/exit pages, operating system, date/time stamp, and/or clickstream data. From time to time, we may combine this automatically-collected data to other information we collect about you for reasons such as analysis, security, content generation, or marketing.

A. The personal information shared with us may include the following:

  1. name;
  2. address;
  3. e-mail address;
  4. telephone and mobile numbers;
  5. workplace and/or business information;
  6. vehicle or service transaction information;
  7. vehicle information;
  8. financial or bank account or credit card information;
  9. family members and family background;
  10. age, sex, religion;
  11. educational attainment;
  12. work experience; and
  13. other relevant personal information.

B. The personal data provided to us shall be used for the following purposes:

  1. When processing the transactions of our customers, business partners, applicants, and other interested persons;
  2. When processing inquiries about our products and services;
  3. When processing payment for our products and services;
  4. When communicating official announcements;
  5. When introducing or sharing marketing and promotional materials regarding the products and services of Toyota Marilao in a commercial manner or similar purposes;
  6. When conducting a survey through questionnaire for planning, research and development, product or service improvement, and/or development of modes and means to improve customer satisfaction and the like;
  7. When processing application for on-the-job training or employment’
  8. To record, generate and maintain participant and visitor information;
  9. To maintain directories and records;
  10. To solicit participation in surveys;
  11. When compiling and generating reports for statistical and research purposes;
  12. When sharing information with authorized individuals or entities provided hereunder;
  13. For other purposes identified when obtaining the relevant personal information;
  14. When required to comply with provisions of applicable laws, regulations or observe any governmental guidelines or notification;
  15. When Toyota Marilao is required to provide relevant information by Toyota Motor Philippines, business partners, or affiliates (hereinafter referred to as “Third Party”) in writing, via telephone, and/or through electronic media for official purposes, unless otherwise disallowed by the customer, business partner, or applicant concerned;
  16. For other legitimate purposes.

Once collected, the personal information of our customers, business partners, applicants, and other interested persons will be secured in a variety of paper and electronic formats, including databases and systems authorized by Toyota Motor Philippines. Access to such personal information is limited to team members of Toyota Marilao, Toyota Motor Philippines, and relevant business partners who are duly authorized to handle them for the purpose of carrying out their contractual and transactional duties and responsibilities and to achieve the purpose of usage of the data provided. We wish to extend our assurance that our use of the personal data of our customers, business partners, applicants, and other interested persons will not be excessive and will be for authorized and legitimate purposes only.

We will retain such relevant personal information indefinitely for historical and statistical purposes unless otherwise provided by law or by internal policies of Toyota Marilao. In the event that the law or policy provides a retention period for such data, all affected records will be deleted and/or disposed of safely and with utmost security.

As may be required or permitted by existing laws, we may also share, disclose, or transfer such personal information to Toyota Motor Philippines, relevant business partners, or affiliates (hereinafter referred to as “Third Party”) to facilitate the intended transactions, to uphold their interests as a customer, business partner or applicant or interested party, and/or promote the legitimate interests of Toyota Marilao as an organization. In this regard, we may share, disclose, or transfer the personal data of our customers, business partners, applicants, or interested persons, for purposes such as (a) processing of sales and/or service transactions; (b) marketing and service analysis; (c) endorsement for training and/or employment; (d) fraud prevention; and (e) similar or relevant purposes.

In cases of sharing, disclosure, and/or transfer of personal information, Toyota Marilao shall nevertheless request the Third Party to handle the relevant personal information in a proper manner and pursuant to existing laws and regulations


The personal data of our customers, business partners, applicants, and interested persons are protected against unauthorized use, collection, copying, modification, and other similar risks. We will never use any personal data obtained under this Privacy Policy for any purpose other than those cited in this Policy without obtaining prior consent from the concerned individual.

Toyota Marilao shall implement security measures to prevent any personal data from being accessed in an unauthorized manner, or from being lost, altered, or leaked. We will endeavor to promote the training and education of our team members who are authorized to handle personal information of our customers, business partners, applicants, and interested persons.

However, since many of our data collection courses through the Internet, we cannot assure that it is completely secure. What we can nonetheless assure you is that we do not transfer or share your personal data with unauthorized individuals or entities, unless it is for the purposes enumerated in this Privacy Policy, or for achieving the purpose of usage, or required or permitted by law.


Once you provide us with your personal information, you also give us consent to use your information for the purposes enumerated in this Privacy Policy, for facilitating your intended transactions with Toyota Marilao, for achieving the purposes of usage, for future reference, as well as for promotional or direct marketing activities through different modes of communication including e-mail, SMS, and other forms of contact or correspondence.

If you would like to opt-out of this service, you may let us know and ask us to stop collecting and using your personal data any time by reaching our DPO through our e-mail or Please do not hesitate to contact us for queries and/or clarifications as regards this policy, or anent our services.


Under the Data Privacy Act, our customers, business partners, applicants, and interested persons have the right to request and access the personal information they have provided us by following the procedure prescribed by Toyota Marilao. When any customer, business partner, applicant, or interested person should request the disclosure of their personal information owned by Toyota Marilao, such customer, business partner, applicant, or interested person is kindly requested to address its request to the DPO of Toyota Marilao through the e-mails or

The DPO shall respond and address all inquiries pertaining to personal information, including requests for correction, discontinuation of use of and/or deletion of personal information within a reasonable timeframe. All such inquiries or concerns shall be handled pursuant to the pertinent provisions of the DPA. Please contact us through the above email addresses so that we may assist you in your request.  We would want to make sure that your personal information is up to date and correct at all times.


This Policy may be modified, changed, and/or improved from time to time as may be required by applicable laws and regulations and/or governmental notices and guidelines, as well as internal policies made pursuant to law, in order that any and all personal information will be handled properly. Any such modification, change, and/or improvement will be reflected through the posting of the revised Policy on our website/s or through other communication channels.

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