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Bring your vehicle to the dealership at you get queue card and a Service Advisor will assist your appointed time.


Your Service Advisor will take you through a walk-around of your car, so both of you can check, see and agree if there are any additional service your car may need. Additional service can be done during your scheduled service.


All agreed services and additional repair will be done while you relax and wait at the customer lounge or while you enjoy Toyota’s Vehicle Showroom display.


When all the repairs are done, your service advisor will give you the repair order and proof of billing.

Why is it necessary to change the engine oil?

The viscosity level of the oil diminishe Carbon and sludge accumulate in the oil holes If the engine oil is only added without changing it, the oil will become thick with carbon and sludge deposits

How frequently must the engine oil be changed?
Toyota recommends engine oil replacement every 5,000 kms. for mineral diesel and gasoline engine oil.

Why is it necessary to replace the engine oil filter?

When a contaminated oil filter continues to be used, the filter element becomes clogged, without allowing the oil to flow through. This causes the relief valve to open and discharge the contaminated oil in to the engine.

How often does it need to be replaced? 

The engine oil filter must be replaced every 5,000 kms.

The filter becomes clogged thus airflow resistance increases.

The filter becomes clogged thus airflow resistance increases



How often does it need to be replaced?

– Air filter must be replaced every 40,000 km. However, Toyota recommends inspection and cleaning of air filter every 5,000 kms.
– If the vehicle is operated on sandy or dusty roads, the air filter must be cleaned more frequently.

What are some types of the drive belts?.

Drive belts are available in the form of a V-belt or a V-ribbed belt. They are used to drive the water pump, alternator, power steering oil pump, and the air conditioning compressor.

When do you need to replace drive belts?

Toyota recommends inspection of drive belts every 10,000 kms. However, it must be replaced immediately if it exhibits one of the symptoms listed below:

• Crack formation
• When it shows signs of deterioration

Belt-driven systems and symptoms of a torn belt

Why do the brake pads wear out?

Brake pads press against the rotor disc each time brakes are applied, so they wear gradually through friction

How often do they need to be replaced?

Brake pads and discs must be inspected, cleaned, and adjusted every 5,000 kms. Brake pads’ thickness must also be measured during this time. Replacement is necessary if its thickness falls below 1.5 millimeters.

What must be inspected in the drum brakes?

The items below must be inspected, cleaned or adjusted every 10,000 kms.: The remaining thickness of the lining The condition of the clearance adjuster between the drum and the lining

Why do the spark plugs need to be inspected?

The electrodes wear due to sparks The electrodes erode and wear out due to the increase in the spark plug temperature

When do spark plugs need to be replaced?

For replacement interval, please refer to the vehicle’s owner’s manual.

RAIZE Pricelist

1.0 Turbo CVT
MSRP ₱ 1,068,000
White Pearl SE/Black 
1.0 Turbo CVT
MSRP ₱ 1,063,000
Turquoise Mica Metallic/Black / Yellow SE/Black / White Pearl SE
1.2 G CVT
MSRP ₱ 936,000
Silver Metallic 4 / Gray Metallic / Red 2
1.2 E CVT
MSRP ₱ 841,000
Silver Metallic 4 / Gray Metallic
1.2 E MT
MSRP ₱ 751,000
Gray Metallic / Silver Metallic 4