Toyota Genuine Parts Genuine Piece of Mind

Toyota builds the highest standards into all its parts, even something as simple as an oil filter. Only those parts that have passed the strictest test deserve to be called Toyota Genuine Parts. We never compromise. Unfortunately, the market is full of fake parts that are not only illegal, they’re dangerous. These parts can seriously damage your vehicle, causing breakdowns or even accidents. protect yourself.

“WE’VE GOT YOUR BACK Every new Toyota Parts and Accessories is built to exceptional standards, which is backed by warranty giving you the peace of mind to feel confident for years to come.”

RAIZE Pricelist

1.0 Turbo CVT
MSRP ₱ 1,068,000
White Pearl SE/Black 
1.0 Turbo CVT
MSRP ₱ 1,063,000
Turquoise Mica Metallic/Black / Yellow SE/Black / White Pearl SE
1.2 G CVT
MSRP ₱ 936,000
Silver Metallic 4 / Gray Metallic / Red 2
1.2 E CVT
MSRP ₱ 841,000
Silver Metallic 4 / Gray Metallic
1.2 E MT
MSRP ₱ 751,000
Gray Metallic / Silver Metallic 4